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Statute Of Projects Submission. INTERIA AWARDS Open All-Russian Competition 2018

  • Statute of Projects Submission for INTERIA AWARDS Open All-Russian Competition

    1. Basic Provisions
    1.1. INTERIA AWARDS Open All-Russian Competition (hereafter referred to as Competition) is held among the professional audience: architects, designers, architect and design bureaus.
    1.2. There is no age limit for entrants.
    1.3. One work can participate only in one professional nomination. The nominations are distributed by the Council of Experts of the Organizing Committee.
    All works submitted to professional nominations
  • can participate in additional nominations.
    1.4. There is no fee for participating in the Competition.

    2. Projects Submission Deadline
    2.1. For participating in INTERIA AWARDS – 2014 the projects should be received by the Organizing Committee till September 5, 2014.

    3. Requirements
    3.1. In the Realization Section only interiors of the completed projects of apartments, private houses and public places (regardless of their geographic location) can participate.
  • 3.2. In the Design Project Section only interior designs of non-completed projects in 3D format can participate.
    3.3. The works should not be the published ones (except for their publishing in the Salon Press Publishing House’s media).

    4. Submission Forms
    4.1. Those wishing to partake in Competition should get registered at, upload their work in the Portfolio section, and send the application to the Organizing Committee.
    4.2. To be considered works should represent the required idea of the design and style solution
  • of the object, unique details and design decisions.
    4.3. Authors whose works are nominated
    by the Council of Experts of the Organizing
    Committee for INTERIA AWARDS should present
    theprofessional shooting of the object to be
    published in the INTERIA AWARDS catalogue.
    The licensing contract for assignment
    of the non-exclusive right to use the
    photo-materials of the professional shooting
    with the nominees and awardees shall
    be concluded and signed.
    4.4. The Organizer of the Competition has the right to display the works at the official exhibitions held as
  • the part of the Competition and publish works
    in any mass media as a part of the Competition
    advertising campaign.
The Union of Designers of Russia, the Council of Experts of Interior Design and Architectural Environment with the support of present INTERIA AWARDS Open All-Russian Competition of private and public space interior design
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