announced winners of 2010

Innovations. Interior of Country House over 300 sq.m

  • 2010-N-D02_04 Шалмин 2010-N-D02_04 Шалмин
    House, 1300 m²...   Ivan Shalmin
  • 2010-N-D02_03 Леонидо в Леонидова 2010-N-D02_03 Леонидо в Леонидова
    House, 1892 m²...   Roman Leonidov, Leonidova Anastasia
  • 2010-N-D02_02 тетере 2010-N-D02_02 тетере
    House, 304 m²...   Zane Tetere
  • 2010-N-D02_01 Демьянов Долотов 2010-N-D02_01 Демьянов Долотов
    House, 1520 m²...   Rodion Demyanov , Andrei Dolotov
The Union of Designers of Russia, the Council of Experts of Interior Design and Architectural Environment with the support of present INTERIA AWARDS Open All-Russian Competition of private and public space interior design
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