announced winners of 2010

Traditions. Apartment interior up to 150 sq.m

  • 2010-T-K01_07 Токмачева Рыжова Шмелев 2010-T-K01_07 Токмачева Рыжова Шмелев
    Apartment, 117 m²...   Katy Ryzhova, Elena Tokmacheva, Vladimir Shmelev
  • 2010-T-K01_06 Сушков 2010-T-K01_06 Сушков
    Apartment, 110 m²...   Igor Sushkov
  • 2010-T-K01_05 Мхитарян 2010-T-K01_05 Мхитарян
    Apartment, 53 m²...   Tatiana Mkhitaryan
  • 2010-T-K01_04 Мозговая Иващенко 2010-T-K01_04 Мозговая Иващенко
    Apartment, 75,8..   Carolina Mozgovaya, Elena Ivashchenko
  • 2010-T-K01_03 Завьялова Лашманова 2010-T-K01_03 Завьялова Лашманова
    Apartment, 140 m²...   Ekaterina Lashmanova , Inna Zavyalova
  • 2010-T-K01_02 Щербакова 2010-T-K01_02 Щербакова
    Apartment, 72 m²...   Tatiana Shcherbakova, Marina Komarova
  • 2010-T-K01_01 Абрамов 2010-T-K01_01 Абрамов
    Apartment, 45 m²...   Alexander Abramov
The Union of Designers of Russia, the Council of Experts of Interior Design and Architectural Environment with the support of present INTERIA AWARDS Open All-Russian Competition of private and public space interior design
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